Christina White Salon is a level based salon in which pricing depends on the Hair Stylists expertise and demand on time.  The levels are from 1 through 4aa.  Level 1 pricing can be found below.  You can find each Hair Stylist’s level next to their name while booking online.

Hair Extension pricing is based on many key factors including method of extensions wanted, length of hair, and brand of hair.  Please call us at 314-380-4508 to schedule a free, no obligation hair extension consultation,

Keratin treatments and color applications are priced on key factors including your current hair length, the thickness of your natural hair, and what you want to achieve. Rest assured, we will give you the perfect look!  Please Book Online, call us at 314-380-4508, or text us at 314-616-5410.

Join our GOLD CLUB and receive a 5%-10% discount on all services including Hair Extensions and Keratin Treatments and a 10% discount on all Oribe, IGK, and Goldwell products!!!

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