Christina White Salon is the expert in Fusion Extensions.  Fusion extensions are fused to hair strands with a special hot tool. Stylists have been doing this method for longer than any other.  Christina White salon installs more Fusion Extensions than any other extension type and more than any other salon in the St. Louis area.

Certified Fusion Stylists

All of Christina White Salon’s stylists are certified in Fusion Extension installation. We have experience in over 10 brands of fusion extensions. We recommend our brand, Christina White Salon hair extensions because of the high quality of hair and texture. We also recommend Hairdreams and SoCap depending on the texture of your hair and price point.

The benefit of Fusion Hair Extensions is that they last up to 4 months and provide the most natural look.

Why people love this method:  They may take several hours to install, but they have extreme lasting hold. Keratin is a natural protein. It’s a strand by strand method, so there’s also a lot of styling potential.