Christina White Salon’s own Esthetician Julie Hill @skinandbrowsbyjhill has you covered with our amazing Certified and Insured Microblading Artist!

Christina White Salon’s Julie Hill is the best microblader in Saint Louis.  She specializes in making your eyebrows look natural and full.  You will be very happy with the results!  Come to Julie if you have over plucked or want to define, darken or reshape your eyebrows. Julie is our In-House licensed esthetician that is certified in Microblading and will give you gorgeous results!  No more eyebrow pencil!

Technically, microblading is a form of semi permanent eyebrow tattooing. But unlike traditional tattooing, which uses a machine, our certified microblading artist applies each hairstroke with the Tina Davies handheld microblade, the best in the industry. This produces very fine lines that resembles real hair. All hairstrokes are hand drawn by the artist and blended in with the client’s existing eyebrow hair.  We use medical grade numbing cream to keep the pain very low. Here are just a few examples of Julie Hill’s work.  She is the best in St. Louis!

Microblading Appointments

Microblading typically takes two appointments to complete. In the first appointment, the client is profiled and the eyebrows are drawn on with a waterproof pencil, so the artist and client can agree on the look. The artist then microblades the eyebrows and the client is ready to go back into the world. There is some mild scabbing and aftercare required, but your microblading should be completely healed in 30 days.

The second appointment is a touch up at least 30 days after the first session. This allows enough time for the ink in the epidermis to naturally slough off, and the color to settle into your skin. In the touch up appointment, the artist can see how your skin has received the ink and make any necessary corrections.

Brow and Lash Tinting

With a hint of tint you can flaunt natural, full-looking brows & lashes for an always polished and put-together look! Our esthetician can give you a flattering tint to transform your brows & lashes from fair and sparse to full and fabulous… in minutes!

Keratin Lash Lift

Do you want a longer looking eye lash without the cost and time expense of lash extensions? Get a lash lift! Lash lifts take about 45 minutes and leave you with a natural looking results. The combination of curling process and tint produces an incredible look!  Here are some examples by Esthetician Julie Hill!